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recalling you (1/?) (ishiruki)

Recalling You (1/?)

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.
Warnings: romance, minor bad language.
Summary: Loosing his memory, Ishida strives to escape the chaos, even her.
Notes: [info]afteriwake had been very kind and helpful while reviewing my story "Pit-Patter" (another IshiRuki fic). I allowed her to request a fic from me and this is the result. Thank you, darling.

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Me+Rant=Major Issues

Now...usually I don't have much of a problem with cartoon shows, mostly because I'm too caught up with how new it is to me.  However.  This time I've found myself quite bitter with a few things. 

For one, with a new age and time, you'd think that most producers, character designers, and storyline creators would think about the general population, especially since the show in question is made in the United States.  Yeah, I'm talking about a racial issue. 

So, I have a bone to pick with...

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fic: opposites, then similarities (shino/hana)

So I'm actually taking a shot at this 'drabble' thing.  It's a challenge, because I tend to make stories longer than they ever should be.  But whatever.  It's for a wonderful challenge/contest over at deviantART.  The Shino/Hana Drabble Challenge.

opposites, then similarities
: I do not own Naruto.

Char./Pairing: Hana Inuzuka/Shino Abarame

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: romance, het

Summary: He likes the way she dances.

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I totally have to start working on finishing my other fics.


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just another step

I'm a complainer. 

It's not a bad habit or a thoughtless act; I deliberately complain.  As terrible as this sounds, I find myself creating excuse after excuse for it.  Ultimately, there is no valid excuse.  Because, in my book, when someone complains, it should be something worth listening to.  With me, I complain about useless things like the weather (110 degree weather?  What?  Why is Dad making us hang the clothes out here when it's that hot?), the way our family acts (I hate it when you yell, and why can't you guys ever stop and listen, you all are brats, stop nagging!), our living conditions (This sucks!  RV's weren't meant for six people, Mom!  Tell me we're going to move soon...) and even politics (I'm so tired of people getting on our President's case when they're no angels themselves).  It goes on and on and on... 

When I keep contemplating all the verbal dirt that comes out of my mouth daily, I feel disgusted and disappointed with myself. 

Politics?  Why am I worrying over fickle people in these parties I don't belong to?  Stupid me.  Where we live?  Please, we've been in worse.  There are no nasty bugs crawling all over.  And we live in an awesome neighborhood with awesome people.  My family?  I should be grateful they love me.  No abuse.  Just love.  Weather?  *laughs*  Huh, well, I guess I should just be thankful it doesn't get too cold here. 

I can watch TV, go on the Internet, escape. I can laugh.  I can speak, understand and listen

It's not a thoughtless act, but I think it's getting to the point were it's heartless.  When I complain, I chip away something from both myself and the others around me.  Why am I obstructing their view of our lives further?  I should be uplifting them, not depressing.  So, yeah, I'm working on it.