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new community!

So I'm cracking down on the request fics, which I'm happy about.  And with that, I'll be posting my fics at [info]samothrace_fics 

I'm glad I have so many Bleach request fics because without them, I'd probably be so emerged into Gossip Girl (OH NOES IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, SAVE ME) and NCIS, it would be unhealthy.  Anyone good at making banners?  I want a nice banner for the new comm to match my icon you see right now.  I'm handing out a fic request to those who offer a pretty banner~  Size over here.

LOL, I have to say that when I see a new Dair vid and the song is new to me, I instantly like it.  And then I download it.  SAD, I know.  My favorite right now?  "She Is" by Parachute (I have loved this band for awhile ♥ ).  


In other news, I'm scared of taking the ASVAB.  I don't have the study books anymore and I'm going to take the test next week.  JUST SO SCARED.  But I can take it again, so whatever.  


I need Renji/Orihime icons.  And more Dair, Jenny/Blair icons.  And Halle Berry.  Just sayin.  

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