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Even though I don't have much for Avatar: the Last Airbender things to share, I do have other little things.  So icon is deceiving, but I must show it off, because thiscanbegin makes the best icons.  Oh my goodness, guys, did you know there was a button on here for lj users?  HTML was getting old...

Let's try going by alphabetical order and see how that works out.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The only thing I have to offer is a Toph/Zuko comic I did named My Adventure


I have a few pictures I drew of couples I adore, including RenjiHime (dancing, basically) and IchiRuki (omg, now that I look at this, I think I need to work on perspective ASAP) and a drawing of Uryuu and Rukia on an outing from this chapter of my fan fic "Pit-Patter".   Another IshiRuki (the first drawing I ever did of them, based off the whole Uryuu-making-dresses-for-Rukia concept). Oh, and let us not forget one of my most favorite pairings on the planet: ByaYoru

Bonus: HitsuKarin and GrimmRuki but it's kinda...stupid.  So it's not much of bonus and I'm gonna stop rambling.

Yays for vids!  Tatsuki/Keigo, Orihime/Renji and Rukia/Uryuu (yeah, I went there). 

Now.  Those were all done by me. Which explains the poor quality.  Now let's look at what people have made for me.

RenjiYoru stuff because I'm so addicted to this pairing, it's pretty sad.  Over here and here.  Oh and almost forgot this one: here~

afteriwake made a beautiful IshiRuki fic named Getting the Princess.  Read it~ 

Cassandra Cain-Wayne related stuffs

First off, I made a Conner/Cassandra picture, which I am pretty proud of because it looks nothing like anime.  A really awesome person called 22two over on deviantART made me a Cassandra and Nightwing team-up.  Someone who was taking requests gave me this sweet picture of Cassandra and Tim.  

I'm posting my attempt at icons at the bottom of the post.

Disney related

There's something you should know about me: I love interracial relationships.  It makes me happy.  And, lol, it took me awhile why I love them until I realized it was because my dad is black and my mother is white.  So, it's not surprising I'd like pairings like Iridessa and Terence from Tinkerbell.

I drew this, but it's embarrassing to look at it now.  Someone wonderful did this for me (pandatails) after I commissioned him.  


Iridessa + Terence


Bonus: I did this disney crossover after someone requested it of me.  Jasmine/Tiana sort of thing.


I made a Shino/Tenten thing for a winter contest.  Someone I commissioned made a scene from my fic, Sweat and Summers, Temari and Kankurou centric.

One Piece

The wonderful lauraneato made something for me here, which is explained in the description why.  I have some fanart of Usopp and Nami; these two need to make babies right now.

Teen Titans

Sorry...but I only have a Cyborg/Raven picture

Icons for Cassandra (and pairings...)

Cassandra Cain-Wayne

That's my multi-fandom post!  Yay!  Just wanted to share. 

--If you're taking the icons, credit would be requried, bitches! appreciated.
--textures all taken from
tiger_tutorials .
--known issues in the following order: (icons 1, 2) Batgirl 51, (icons 5-13) Batgirl 58, 59, (icons 14-26) Harley Quinn 11, (icons 31, 32) Batgirl 54
Tags: and it could go on, character: cassandra cain, icons: batgirl, icons: disney, icons: one piece, pairing: cassandra/conner, pairing: cassandra/tim, pairing: nami/usopp, pairing: rukia/uryuu, series: avatar the last airbender, series: batgirl, series: batman, series: bleach, series: disney, series: naruto, series: one piece, series: teen titans

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