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14 December 2010 @ 07:56 pm
Me+Rant=Major Issues  
Now...usually I don't have much of a problem with cartoon shows, mostly because I'm too caught up with how new it is to me.  However.  This time I've found myself quite bitter with a few things. 

For one, with a new age and time, you'd think that most producers, character designers, and storyline creators would think about the general population, especially since the show in question is made in the United States.  Yeah, I'm talking about a racial issue. 

So, I have a bone to pick with...

Well.  Let's start with the little things. 

1. Robin is Dick Grayson.

---Say what?  Dick Grayson never joined Young Justice (I'm talking about mainstream comics, as the the comics that make more sense and aren't created out of some alternate universe some story-teller wanted).  What is this about?  For real, TIM DRAKE JOINED YOUNG JUSTICE.  Not only this: in the show, Robin is furiously good at technology.  Dick nearly sucked anything related to a computer as Robin.  Tim is the intelligent one.  He's the one who deals with computers all the time.  And I hate to know Jesse McCartney voices Dick.  For real, I hate Dick Grayson so much.

2. Currently, only two girls will be on the show.

---This is always annoying.  There's always a load of guys while the percentage of girl superheroes is so much lower.  And Miss Martian?  She's nothing like her comic counterpart, who is loud and emotionally damaged.  This one has timid behavior and it's been confirmed that she'll be involved in a love triangle between Kid Flash and Superboy.  Can't stand both versions of her already. 


3. Love triangle cliches.

---Like I said, it's been confirmed there will be a love triangle.  So, let's think about it this way: Wally is a good natured boy, who likes making things more light-hearted and he is an excellent friend (cliche: the class clown).  Now, in comes Kon (Superboy), going through an identity crisis and is desperately wishing to experience the world before him (cliche: lead quarterback of the high school football team).  Enter the problem: Miss Martian, the girl of their dreams (or just Wally's, considering Kon hasn't had any...dreams yet).  She's a redhead, easy on the eyes and the only girl on the team right now (cliche: lead cheerleader).  Now, who's gonna get the girl?  Superboy.  Wally is gonna luck out.  Thanks, storyline creators.  You've just played into another one of the stupid stories we see all the time.

(artist is aimoia on deviantART)

(made by Autumn-Sacura)

4. Again, the black guy has leadership issues.

---This is one of the biggest things I have a problem with concerning television.  In an interview, Jesse McCartney states, "I think, at first, Aqualad is maybe threatened by Robin but he truly doesn’t want to let anybody on his team down."  *eye twitch*  There's more of that over HERE.  So, the white guy is the natural born leader and the black guy has to learn how to serve THE MAN again.  Sweeeeeet, more racist undertones.  Don't tell me I'm reading too much into it.  They could have easily made Aqualad the leader.  Just watch the first episode; the guy basically was the backbone.  I'm so upset Aqualad won't be the leader and that Robin will get to.  Maybe Robin will get in a serious accident, leaving it to the second in command.  Bottom line, it's getting to the point I won't enjoy the show as much as I'd like.

(made by idaiku17)
5.  There is only one token minority group.

---Unless they decide one of the characters will be gay, there is only one token minority here and it doesn't take a moron not to notice it.  Aqualad is the only colored guy in the whole cast save for those two seconds of John Stewart, the black Green Lantern.  This is irritating. 

Speaking of gay characters, I have to say, this may just change my preferences of slash:

I never like slash, but holy crap, these two have so many moments, I'm already viewing them as a married couple.  I really hope they have a deep relationship in the series (as in, if there's a disagreement, they team up against Robin....hehehehehe).  But, if they would get together, it would probably degrade the friendship so badly.  BUT I LOVE THESE TWO.  And I usually hate Superboy with a vengeance. 

BTW, I can't get enough of Aqualad.  I can't ship him with anyone of the show (I'd die if he got with Miss Martian), so I have to deal.  But he's beyond sexy.  More beautiful than all of the characters.



Anyhow, I'm still ticked off by those issues.  I have several more.  But THIS IS ME RANTING.  If you disagree, steer away from me.  If you know what I'm talkin about, RANT WITH ME.  Tell others.  It's annoying how these things happen in modern shows, when the United States screams, "See WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!  WE'RE NO LONGER RACISTS!!"   The poor fools.

Might post a Cassandra Cain/Kon-El fanmix.  Depends.
our lady of the upside down: [m] there will be a warrior queenmambo_chocobo on December 15th, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
Aqualad is indeed very easy on the eyes. Can I watch the show on mute just for him? And no, you're not reading too much into his leadership issues; it is racist and offensive. :| (No, just because we have a black president now does not mean we're post-racist, or post-sexist, or post-anything. STOP USING THAT ARGUMENT, PEOPLE.)

I wish there were more superhero characters that weren't white... or straight... or male, really. And I wish the women didn't have horrible, sexist outfits...

There's a lot about the superhero genre I'd like to see change, but yeah. For now I'm just contenting myself with Gail Simone's new run on Birds of Prey. It has problems still, but I can overlook it for the awesome of Huntress.
kanjo_girl: byayorukanjo_girl on December 16th, 2010 04:26 am (UTC)
Oh, honey, I'm there with you. Aqualad is so beautiful, no matter what issues there are.

Thanks for understanding. It IS offensive this keeps happening. The argument we have a black president-therefore-we-are-not-racists is really pointless. We're still pretty ignorant as a country.

Agreed. I want to see more characters like Storm and Cassandra Cain (Batgirl III). Did you know they replaced the East Asian Batgirl with a blonde? I was so offended and hurt that they would keep white-washing the comics, despite how it seemed like there was progress.

The sexist outfits only proves straight men are still in charge of the character design. I'm not saying I wanna see the girls in big dresses or baggy shirts and pants, but it'd be nice if it wasn't like they were naked all the time.

Is the Birds of Prey all right? I hear it's okay, but I'm still hesitant. Huntress is hard to follow when writers make her into a slut. I was so angry when they got her together with almost every other guy; it totally wasn't in her character, in my opinion. Plus, I'm scared that I'll bang my head against the wall if I see another argument between Nightwing and Barbara. Dinah I'm strangely wanting to read about...

our lady of the upside down: [m] see the lightning crackmambo_chocobo on December 16th, 2010 06:52 am (UTC)
Seriously. Let me have a piece of that, yessir. >:3

When anyone says we're post-anything in this society, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Just... yeah, no. Racism is still deeply ingrained in American culture, as is sexism, and ableism, and everything else you can think of that doesn't include white, straight, able-bodied rich man.

Oh, Cassandra Cain! I just read Batwoman: Elegy, and really enjoyed it. I agree, I'd love to see more characters like her. I haven't heard about the East Asian Batgirl--maybe I have a little? I stay out of comics fandom like most other fandoms--but I'll be sure to look into it immediately now that you've brought it to my attention. Thank you for that, even if the situation is shitty. :/ Sadly I can believe they would kill her off... it may just have been for dramatic storytelling, but there's still that unsettling undertone of racism AND sexism.

It'd be nice, too, if the women didn't all have huge breasts and tiny waists and full lips and long hair that's really inconvenient when you're fighting, since someone could just reach out and grab it... but yeah. Straight men are still the majority in the comic industry, sad to say.

To be honest, I only stick with Gail Simone's runs on Birds of Prey. Right now she's doing the Brightest Day run on BoP and I'm enjoying it so far. There are still issues with the art and how they draw the women, but the writing is solid and their characters are very nicely done. I don't believe Nightwing has been around in this series, so no arguments with Barbara there.

Huntress isn't written as being particularly promiscuous in Brightest Day, I don't think. I wouldn't care if she was (tbh I only ship her with the Question, and that was all because of those few episodes of Justice League Unlimited where they were awesome together. Coincidentally, I do believe the episode where they met and start their relationship was also written by Gail Simone...), but she hasn't shown much interest in men given what's been happening in the story. It's much more focused on her and Dinah instead, as friends and allies, and I love their relationship together. It's the main reason I read, tbh, to see all these awesome ladies being kickass and having meaningful friendships with each other.

Wow, I rambled. Sorry about that. ^^;
kanjo_girl: robinkanjo_girl on January 11th, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)
SO sorry I haven't replied. I got sucked into a black hole.

I agree, racism is still in America and whenever people bring that up, others just shush them. It's annoying.

When I say "East Asian" I just mean "Asian", sorry, my terminology is way off sometimes. It's just annoying when I say "Indian" (I'm part Indian) and everyone else thinks that I'm Native American. Talk about irritating. India is part of Asia and so is Russia and variety of other countries. "Asian" is totally generalizing a bunch of peopling together. I don't think Vietnamese, Korean or Chinese Americans like being called "Asian" so often, when they come from a specific country. ): But that's just me.

Cassandra Cain is coming back! Or at least I heard. I'm excited for her to come back, especially after they had the nerve to replace her with a blonde.

I know it sounds weird, but I'm a big fan of characters who have small breasts and short hair. Mostly because my big-breasted friends tell me it's so hard to even run. So, I don't understand how comic book artists can draw such huge boobs on crime-fighting women.

You've gotten me interested in this new Birds of Prey. Though, I hear Babs may get killed off! D: If that's true, I'm gonna curl into a ball and cry. She's actually what got me into DC, to be honest. I've loved her character for awhile.

OMG, I totally didn't know Huntress and Dinah could even have a friendship. That's awesome! They're perfect for each other. Guh, I love it when friendship is expressed in comic books.